Technical issues

Shipping & Fulfillment Timelines

  • Custom Bibs - require 4 weeks notice
  • Generic Bibs require 2 weeks notice
  • UHF/ DF Tags attached to bibs require 4 weeks notice
  • DF Tags & DF Spare Parts typically shipped next business day
  • UHF Tags typically shipped 5 business days post order


  • When will my order be delivered?

    Delivery time is 5-10 business days after an order is placed. Some custom items have longer lead times, such as custom race bibs.
  • Is my credit card information stored?

    No credit card information is not stored on our site in order to maintain security of your personal information.
  • Can I order a reader online?

    Currently this site is only for reordering consumable materials at this time. All hardware purchases can be made by calling 214-996-7301.