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Shipping & Fulfillment Timelines

  • Custom Bibs - require 4 weeks notice
  • Generic Bibs require 2 weeks notice
  • UHF/ DF Tags attached to bibs require 4 weeks notice
  • DF Tags & DF Spare Parts typically shipped next business day
  • UHF Tags typically shipped 5 business days post order

Mains Power Supply (Super Elite & Elite & Lite via adapter cable)

Main Power Supply   +$500.00
Power Cord   +$0.00
Main Power Supply Connector Cable   +$0.00

* Required

  • Description
  • Primary power supply for Elite, Super Elite Readers.

    Includes power cord and main power supply connector cable.

    Lite readers can also use the main power supply unit when it is connected via the "Adapter Cable for Mains Power Supply for Lite Reader" - purchase separately in store.